In the first post of our Elements blog we will discuss this removed element from the periodic table, what it is and why the world wide Science academy removed it from the periodic table of elements or why they did not include it at all.

The Aethereum or shorter Aether, we think it is the all penetrating element of matter, thanks to it all the other elements exist, it is the foundation of all matter in our opinion. It is very possible that Aethereum is named as Dark Matter or Dark Energy by scientists but we are not sure, we were able to observe this element under special made at home conditions, based on our observation the half-life of this element is somewhere from 2 to 3 seconds maybe longer, the manifestation of observability is somewhere less than a second, although the proper timings might be other, we do not own the needed tools to measure it more precisely.

So why scientists of the world have not added it to the periodic table of elements, as we can see even from Wikipedia, they say in such a way that it was not proved to be found, but we know this is a big lie, the reason for this we think is because this element if harvested or produced can be a source of endless energy, the so called free energy, they hide it because they do not want you to be able to use it free of charge, that is what we think.

Anyway we think this is the #0 Element and is the first of all the elements on Periodic Table of Elements.
We also consider that it has no mass or very small.

  • Element Symbol: A
  • Half-life: from 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Melting point: n/a
  • Boiling point: n/a
  • Density: 0.000

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